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  1. Obadiah was an indefatigable writer, chiefly in the field of Biblical exegesis.
  2. Now Pith Possum and Obadiah must rescue Doris Deer and clear their names.
  3. Obadiah Brown also left First meeting place of the school from 1784-88
  4. Obadiah finds that his near-death experience has awakened some latent talents.
  5. The lastnamed is referred to by Obadiah of Bertinoro.
  6. Its original owner was Obadiah Williams, a wealthy merchant of Huguenot origin.
  7. Stark married Obadiah Stane from taking control of Stark Industries at least once.
  8. Tony saves Obadiah, but Howard and Nifara are taken captive by Loni.
  9. Obadiah's understanding of the Bible may have also played a role.
  10. The Armor Wars conclude as Obadiah Stane discovers the identity of Iron Man.
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