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  1. As the evidence against Roger Rogerson mounts, many of his former colleagues abandon him, but Neddy Smith remains loyal.
  2. Freddy ( Laurie; character later renamed'Neddy') is a meek, quiet man with a noticeable overbite.
  3. || Built in 1798 by Neddy Hall, it was soon owned by Samuel Garside and worked with John Brierley.
  4. The season premiered with the episode " Bonnie & Neddy ", which was viewed by 1.07 million viewers.
  5. After returning to Australia, Neddy Smith who was impressed with his smuggling skills, contacted Fellows and offered him a job.
  6. Townsend also currently provides the voice of Neddy the Mallet in the Cartoon Network series, " Mighty Magiswords ".
  7. Another character that was explored deeper in their period as show runners was Ned Flanders in the episode " Hurricane Neddy ".
  8. "' Neddy Rose "'( born 31 May 1981 ) is a defender on the Seychelles national football team.
  9. || Built by Neddy all around 1800 when it contained about 9000 spindles and was leased in 1803 by Joseph and William Bayley.
  10. Neddy Mum ( 2007 ) The bane of Navid, always coming in to complain of the state of his confectionery and asking for refunds.
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