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  1. After nearly five decades of namelessness, the formerly top-secret nuclear research city known only as Arzamas-16 is getting its ancient name back, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported Monday.
  2. The toll-free line is a kind of national glue : this impalpable yet pervasive presence that joins an older, more neighborly America _ a land of amiable counsel and an actual human voice audible in one's ear _ with a wired, plugged-in, telecommunications America in which voicelessness is as common as namelessness and facelessness.
  3. Many of Conrad's characters were inspired by actual persons he met, including, in his first novel, " Almayer's Folly " ( completed 1894 ), William Charles Olmeijer, the spelling of whose name Conrad probably altered to " Almayer " inadvertently . ( " Youth " ), Captain Lingard ( " Almayer's Folly " and elsewhere ), Captain Ellis ( " The Shadow Line " ) . " Conrad, " writes J . I . M . Stewart, " appears to have attached some mysterious significance to such links with actuality . " Equally curious is " a great deal of namelessness in Conrad, requiring some minor virtuosity to maintain . " Thus we never learn the surname of the protagonist of " Lord Jim ".
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