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  1. The French began naming cards in the 15th century.
  2. Military terminology dominates road signs and official name cards.
  3. Small sugar pumpkins make great place holders when the name card is attached to the stem.
  4. They confiscated notebooks, name cards and other materials.
  5. We'd be exchanging name cards, hugging, with cameras.
  6. As often as they are linked together, they might as well just shuffle the name cards.
  7. Jae-min leaves her his name card and tells her to call him if she changes her mind.
  8. This replaces the separate credit-card sized " name card " which was previously issued with the ticket.
  9. But she could do little more than hand out name cards and ask them to return later.
  10. He also designed a series of name cards incorporating multiple fonts to characterise each of the participating artists.
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