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  1. It named board member George Mitchell to preside over the meetings.
  2. The bay was officially named by the Geographical Names Board of Canada in 1910.
  3. In 1968, he became chief executive; a year later, he was named board chairman.
  4. It was registered with the Geographical Names Board of New South Wales in 2011.
  5. In November 1989 the Geographical Names Board approved a historical re-enactment of Cook's voyage.
  6. In addition, Delta named board member Mary Johnston Evans, 67, as interim, non-executive chairman.
  7. This cottage also has its own private railway platform, which displays a name board.
  8. In 1977 Wheeler Heights was registered as a suburb by the Geographical Names Board.
  9. The platforms survive and one has a station name board.
  10. He served as president of the Oregon Geographic Names Board for over twenty years.
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