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  1. Namdev attracted individuals from diverse classes and castes during community-driven bhajan singing sessions.
  2. Namdev reproached him for having insulted Shiva.
  3. The other compositions are by Sant Tukaram, Sant Namdev, and Sant Gora Kumbhar.
  4. Namdev Shirgaonkar, founder President of FAI, introduced this game in India in 2007.
  5. The Namdev biographies in medieval manuscripts are inconsistent and contradictory, feeding questions of their reliability.
  6. Already a devotee of Vitthal alias Vithoba, Chokha was moved by Namdev's teachings.
  7. Kim and Asha happen to be the daughters of Jaggi, the man Namdev supposedly murdered.
  8. Thanjavur Marathi, Namdev shimpi Marathi and Bhavsar Marathi are spoken by many Maharashtrians in Southern India.
  9. In Namdev literature, devotion as the path to liberation is considered superior than other alternate paths.
  10. Namdev composed " bhajan-kirtans " are sung during the pilgrimage-related festivities.
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