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  1. Dizzy and nakedly _ hilariously _ ambitious, she's so flighty she seems to be levitating.
  2. Duval's golfing acumen, however, has long been openly displayed and nakedly obvious to everyone.
  3. But what possible excuse is there for extolling Thurmond's nakedly racist campaign now, 54 years later?
  4. Let the picture imitate nothing; let it nakedly present its " raison d'�tre ".
  5. Lebed's ambition was so nakedly obvious that officials in the Kremlin immediately closed ranks against him ."
  6. If Apple dies, Microsoft will appear nakedly monopolistic, the only major producer of operating systems for personal computers.
  7. It's a brave book, in which Stone lays his overheated young heart on the line, nakedly.
  8. As has been documented repeatedly, the networks have employed nakedly formulaic programming to aggressively pursue advertiser-coveted Yuppies.
  9. There's such a thing as being so nakedly ambitious that you offend the people you hope to impress.
  10. They cheered near to unanimity at the church leaders'nakedly partisan demand for the re-election of Bill Clinton.
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