nakedly in a sentence

nakedly meaning in Hindi


  1. She nakedly confides her grief in a poignant poem to his adoptive parents:
  2. He still gave the real thing nakedly and directly, leaving nothing out.
  3. The result, she said, is her most nakedly emotional work to date.
  4. "When it's taken that nakedly, these are my subjects.
  5. Bokhin seemed to nakedly utter his inherent ignorance.
  6. It is nakedly racist in itself that race somehow determines our policy . . ..
  7. Brown runs an autocratic regime, wielding his power as nakedly as he did in Sacramento.
  8. Earlier this year, Hatch described Kessler to reporters as self-aggrandizing and nakedly political.
  9. She asks for love so nakedly and earnestly, it seems downright vicious not to respond.
  10. I have never seen a sports enterprise so nakedly and publicly disconnected from its fan base.
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