naivety in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ nɑ:'i:vti ] ]
naivety meaning in Hindi


  1. This isn't'testosterone-imbued ethnic nationalism'however, just extreme naivety.
  2. Kurumi plays at naivety, yet is well aware of Hideo's attraction to her.
  3. The result was a house of " exuberant grandeur and at the same time endearing naivety ".
  4. He senses the importance of her naivety and seizes her attention by putting on an eleborate performance.
  5. Daisy continues her friendship with Lucy and Lee, and her naivety often gets them in trouble.
  6. He initially hated Mikan, often bullied and ignored her, due to her stubbornness and naivety.
  7. Other players however, usually use her naivety against her to follow strategies that serve self-preservation.
  8. He contributed bitingly sarcastic articles on what he saw as the cultural backwardness and naivety of his compatriots.
  9. The character was an engaging mixture of naivety and stoic authority, and became a favorite for audiences.
  10. While the policeman is disappointed in Don Jaime's naivety, he is impressed with his courage.
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