naivety in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ nɑ:'i:vti ] ]
naivety meaning in Hindi


  1. I will go with some degree of naivety,
  2. Although you are a bright young man you are possessed with a certain naivety.
  3. Hank's honesty and naivety often get him in unpredictable and troublesome situations.
  4. This has incurred criticism for its apparent naivety.
  5. Cuclin had the naivety to think that the official Marxism could incorporate his philosophy.
  6. He tries to help every person whom he meets, despite his strong naivety.
  7. Mr Brash was most amused at Ogles antics and the naivety of the author.
  8. Jack storms out, angry at what he sees as Nigel's naivety.
  9. He will educate her in the ways of the world and reduce her naivety.
  10. His naivety and unawareness brings him into trouble and he ends up being beaten.
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