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  1. The Spanish seaplane carrier " D�dalo " ( 1922 1935 ) carried a mooring mast at the bow to cater for small dirigibles carried on board.
  2. In 1932 a mooring mast and hangar were built at the camp for the dirigibles, but when the program was abandoned, the base was quiet again.
  3. It was not the mooring mast that discredited the Empire State building; it was the investors leaping from windows and the apple sellers huddled around its base.
  4. Four days after leaving Frankfurt on May 3, 1937, the luxury airship exploded as it approached the mooring mast at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey.
  5. It was towed stern first from its very narrow shed, then gradually swung out of Cavendish Dock and attached to a mooring mast mounted on a pontoon.
  6. The original contract was for steel hangars, long, wide and, helium storage and service, barracks for 228 men, a power plant, landing mat, and a mobile mooring mast.
  7. The specification for the DN-1 provided for being capable of being moored to a mooring mast which had first been used with HMA No . 1 in 1911.
  8. At 7 : 17, the wind shifted direction from east to southwest, and Captain Pruss ordered a second sharp turn starboard, making an s-shaped flightpath towards the mooring mast.
  9. Around 1925 the Royal Navy considered the HMS Roberts for conversion to a mobile airship base with a mooring mast and fueling capabilities, but nothing came of this proposal.
  10. As the airship was approaching the mooring mast, he noted that one of the engines, thrown into reverse for a hard turn, backfired, and a shower of sparks was emitted.
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