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  1. Included at each site were helium storage and service, barracks for 228 men, power plant, landing apron, and a mobile mooring mast.
  2. This tramway facilitated the transportation of an airship on the mooring mast to the airship hangar interior or to the flight position.
  3. The mooring system for the " K "-ship was a high triangular mooring mast that was capable of being towed by a tractor.
  4. Around 1925 she was considered for conversion to a mobile airship base with a mooring mast and fueling capabilities, but nothing came of this proposal.
  5. During the " Golden Age " of airship travel ( starting in 1900 ), mooring masts and sheds were constructed to build and house airships.
  6. The project included design adaptations for high temperature operation and desert climate, as well as a separate mooring mast and a very heavy mooring truck.
  7. Taking off with only 30 cal ammo in the wing guns, Welch claimed two kills of Aichi D3A Val dive bombers over Ewa Mooring Mast Field.
  8. Workers at Downtown Airport who were scrambling to protect planes reported that the blimp was straining against its mooring mast in the center of the airfield.
  9. The blimp, which had been advertising the Loblaws grocery chain, while flying over the CNE, was toppled from its mooring mast and then cut to shreds.
  10. The British airship R100 visited Canada in August 1930, overflying both Montreal and Toronto; a mooring mast was constructed and used only for this one occasion.
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