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  1. There are 21 mooring buoys, and dock space is available to boaters on the government dock.
  2. He was lured onto a massive mooring buoy and a steel door clanged shut behind him.
  3. Eight mooring buoys are available for boaters.
  4. The Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary also operates a mooring buoy maintenance vessel named the Rachel Carson.
  5. The following morning, she and her division mates entered the port itself and tied up to mooring buoys.
  6. Mooring buoys would be set up around ships to help divers locate the wrecks and boaters avoid them.
  7. It was then taken to Old Woman's Bay, Unalaska Island, where it was moored to Icicle Seafoods mooring buoy.
  8. Negative consequences can include altered water circulation and altered Mooring causes damage which can be reduced by using mooring buoys.
  9. Going for the seaplanes first, the " Claudes " made short work of the Catalinas riding at their mooring buoys.
  10. Ships up to 300, 000 tdwt can berth at the Bitor Single Point Mooring buoy ( SPM, 10?9'N / 64?0'W ).
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