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  1. Bird species sighted at the park may include kingfisher, grey heron and moorhen.
  2. This species is parasitised by the moorhen flea, " Dasypsyllus gallinulae ".
  3. Moorhens and coots regularly nest here and other visitors include herons, kingfishers and warblers.
  4. Waterfowl such as Ducks, Moorhens thrive in gardens and parks with access to water.
  5. The common moorhen lives around well-vegetated marshes, ponds, canals and other wetlands.
  6. The bird is also parasitised by the moorhen flea, " Dasypsyllus gallinulae ".
  7. It was split from the common moorhen by the American Ornithologists'Union in July 2011.
  8. The Tristan moorhen is an extinct species from the South Atlantic island of Tristan da Cunha.
  9. The common moorhen gives a wide range of gargling calls and will emit loud hisses when threatened.
  10. The dusky moorhen is found in wetland habitats, with a preference for freshwater marshes and swamps.
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