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  1. The first of these, Moored-1 ( Mao-1 ), a large sized moored mine entered mass production in 1962 after being tested multiple times and evaluated by the navy.
  2. On 13 June, two days after the fall, the Indian trawler " Parvati " became the last naval casualty of the East African Campaign when it struck a moored mine near Assab.
  3. The ATK / Raytheon ROV is a similar system, but has a tether cable, and also carries cable cutters for dealing with tethered or moored mines, and explosive charges to detonate the mines.
  4. The 12th, 13th and 14th Minesweeping Flotillas from Malta, two groups of minesweeping trawlers and smaller vessels cleared a channel through the minefields of the Sicilian Channel to Tripoli, removing nearly 200 moored mines.
  5. The more sophisticated influence mines had apparently been utilised in a defensive pattern off Buenos Aires, in case of a British attack on the mainland, and very simple contact moored mines were laid in the Falklands.
  6. She then proceeded to the western coast of Kyushu, Japan, for minesweeping in approaches to Nagasaki and Sasebo, where Lt Douglas Giddings assumed Command, clearing 22 moored mines and obstructions from 9 to 16 September 1945.
  7. Moored mines, pot holes, large boulders, barbed wire on the beaches as well as pillboxes, hundred-foot cliffs at each end flanking the beach, and more fortifications being developed by the Japanese made the beaches totally undesirable.
  8. By comparison,, which was damaged by a moored mine during the 1991 Gulf War, was repaired for $ 24 million; however, the cruiser was not directly struck by the mine and her displacement is nearly twice that of " Samuel B . Roberts ".
  9. The crew worked well with the divers, and claimed a few victories with its Mine Neutralization Vehicle, performing the first live activation of a Mission Package One cutter arm since USS " Pioneer " gained its permanent crew, bringing a moored mine safely to the surface and completing the neutralization and recovery.
  10. Designated as the SubFlot 7 Mining platform during the deployment, " Cusk " offloaded all steam torpedoes at Okinawa submerged, launched the 4 MK 27 mobile mines and then planted a field of 18 MK 10 moored mines . following the successful mine plant " Cusk " returned to Subic Bay RP, and retrieved her MK 14 Mod 3 warshot torpedoes.
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