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  1. The city has requested funds to greatly expand the Sweeper Cove small boat harbor, including new breakwaters, a dock and new moorage floats.
  2. Under the concept, fans can buy lifetime seat locations, much like a condominium in a large complex or a moorage slip in a marina.
  3. It will give residents of Anchorage, the home to half the population of Alaska, a quick route to boat moorages on Prince William Sound.
  4. On the drawing board is a marine village with boat moorage, shops, market, restaurant, island museum, religious facilities and much more.
  5. The Kalakala Foundation, formed by Bevis and nearly 2, 900 volunteers to restore the boat, makes just enough to pay insurance and moorage.
  6. Anderson's boat has not been chained to the dock for unpaid moorage fees but is considered " not seaworthy and environmentally dangerous,"
  7. In return, Goldschmidt gave his support to Burtchaell's ( unsuccessful ) bid to extend a lease for a houseboat moorage on the Willamette River.
  8. Mount Liang was located at the extreme north of what became known as the " eight hundred " li " moorage of Mount Liang ".
  9. Flanked in the 21st century by moorages, marinas, and parks, and populated by a wide variety of fish, the channel offers many opportunities for recreation.
  10. Telegraph Cove Marina's 130 slip marina underwent a complete rebuild in 2007 / 2008 and has moorage for small and large vessels with potable water and power.
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