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  1. The Port of Seattle, for example, donated moorage for the ship's stay here.
  2. The documentary centers on the conflict between the moorage needs of the fishing fleet and pleasure boaters.
  3. Opposition leader Moorage Tsvangirai was arrested at his home in Harare early Monday but he was later released.
  4. His tall house had scrolled dormers and fluted chimneys, which ships seeking New York moorage sought out as landmarks.
  5. The marina was built in 1974 and expanded its guest moorage in 1988 with the installation of the floating breakwater.
  6. It is not on any of the ferry routes and there is no jetty or other dedicated facilities for moorage.
  7. "' Pleasant Harbor State Park "'is a moorage facility only, with no other services.
  8. The natural areas include Butterfly Park and Willamette Park as well as the moorage park and other public land parcels.
  9. Recent luxury resort development on the island includes a golf course, yacht moorage, seaplane ramp, and an airstrip.
  10. The park, which is operated by the Linn County Parks Department, also offers a boat ramp and boat moorage.
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