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moony meaning in Hindi


  1. Quit feeling so doggone moony-eyed and go get your stupid snack!
  2. "It's a front group for the Moonies,"
  3. Some of the people getting married looked like Moonies.
  4. He made his real fortune, however, by selling millions of Moonies.
  5. God knows what the estimated 700 Moonies in this country get from their faith.
  6. Jardim residents know little about the Moonies.
  7. Not even links for ex-victims as per The Family, Moonies and Scientology.
  8. The Moonies were lobbying for Marcos, but not so as to exclude his opponents entirely.
  9. This is what the Moonies say we " stole " from Mr . Chryssides:
  10. It was a sad day in American journalism when UPI was taken over by the Moonies.
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