moonstones in a sentence

moonstones meaning in Hindi


  1. The best criminals or dumb dwellers sell them as moonstones for millions.
  2. An accident occurs, causing the precious moonstone to break.
  3. Mason explains that he needs an old family heirloom, a moonstone.
  4. Jeremy gets to the tomb alone to take the moonstone.
  5. Damon does not tell them anything when Elijah appears with the moonstone.
  6. Several other reefs were also discovered : Mary, Wyndham, Moonstone.
  7. Heather Locklear : Senna " Moonstone,"
  8. Tourists gathered moonstones from the many mounds that had washed ashore during storms.
  9. The moonstone must be returned to Stonehenge for the game to be completed.
  10. Later, Baron Helmut Zemo recruited Moonstone for the fourth Masters of Evil.
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