missuses in a sentence

missuses meaning in Hindi


  1. And that's when our hero's missus bites the big one.
  2. Its about some city councillor, who happens to have tupped a colleagues missus.
  3. Do you think the missus had to lead him to the airport kicking and screaming?
  4. Next, the missus was finding it awkward to deal with so many logical drives.
  5. Dennis Haysbert ), senses the missus'discomfort, and offers an understanding ear.
  6. Pongo and Missus investigate Cruella de Vil.
  7. Me and the missus left when they got huffy about us dancin'in the aisles.
  8. The missus is gone; she died on a Sunday morning four years ago this October.
  9. Tim Blake Nelson ) clearly lusts after the too-depressed-to-care missus.
  10. Naturally, the missus was not pleased with the buzzard-like efficiency of some press members.
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