misstatement in a sentence

misstatement meaning in Hindi


  1. So what did the company do to correct the misstatement?
  2. That issue led Bush to a misstatement he repeated twice.
  3. To say that she was calm about it would be a misstatement.
  4. But the disclosure of additional circulation misstatements shadowed the report.
  5. Additional misstatements became part of some versions of the legend.
  6. Material misstatement in an XBRL report concerns the individually identifiable business facts.
  7. He apologized for any injustice his misstatement might have caused.
  8. Both continuously tossing bombs and misstatements about other editors instead of discussing.
  9. :This is a massive misstatement of the attorney's position.
  10. Judicial concern has also been expressed about potential liability for negligent misstatements.
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