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  1. The geologic processes that give rise to mineral veins are still ongoing, so a gold deposit could be of virtually any age.
  2. It is a fine " vertical " cave which is dry, deep, and mostly in big passage formed within a mineral vein.
  3. Regional uplift brought the deep-seated granite to the surface, where erosion exposed the rocks and the extremely rich mineral veins they contained.
  4. It also discusses the ways of prospecting for ore and developing mineral veins, especially the method of hushing from dams built high on the hillsides.
  5. The primary ores of the CMB were generally deposited as mixed metal sulfide mineral veins containing pyrite, galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, and gold, silver, and copper.
  6. Roman occupation was sparse but the Romans certainly exploited the rich mineral veins of the area, exporting lead from the Buxton area along well-used routes.
  7. Bengoechea disguised inexpensive tables with aluminum foil and Saran Wrap _ they look like mineral veins found in a cave where miners might have seen ghosts.
  8. It consists of an exposure of a mineral vein in the valley of the Killhope Burn, just upstream from the North of England Lead Mining Museum.
  9. By using " Curiosity " s laser-firing device ( ChemCam ), scientists found manganese oxides in mineral veins in the " Kimberley " region of Gale Crater.
  10. "' Mineral veins "'have been formed in many Lake District rocks by hydrothermal circulation of groundwater though geological faults and are often associated with the granite batholith.
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