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  1. Researchers in December 2016 announced the discovery of the element boron by " Curiosity " in mineral veins.
  2. These rocks were subsequently subject to hydrothermal alteration by and rich which in multiple stages formed the mineral veins.
  3. It consists largely of mineral veins yielding arsenic, barium, copper and lead which have been worked in the past.
  4. Later he issued an authoritative 2-volume work on mineral veins, " Untersuchungen �ber Erzg�nge " ( 1882 1885 ).
  5. The presence in the high part of the valley of mineral veins promoted since the antiquity an important mining activity.
  6. Regional uplift brought the deep-seated granite to the surface, where erosion exposed the rocks and the mineral veins they contained.
  7. There is evidence of historic mining activity in two locations on Great Dodd in efforts to exploit such mineral veins.
  8. As the granite cooled, it cracked, and hot solutions filled the cracks and formed mineral veins bearing gold and other metals.
  9. It was operated by a succession of different owners, driving five levels through mostly barren rock to explore three mineral veins.
  10. As the granite cooled, it cracked, and hot solutions infiltrated the cracks to form mineral veins bearing gold and other metals.
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