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  1. "' Natrolite "'is a tectosilicate mineral species belonging to the zeolite group.
  2. A few years later, additional material was obtained from the grandfathered as a valid mineral species.
  3. The introduction outlines Gadolin's theories, and the text presents mineral species in a systematic ordering.
  4. It was recognized as a valid mineral species by the IMA ( International Mineralogical Association ) in 2005.
  5. Associated mineral species include elbaite, lepidolite, spodumene, columbite-tantalite, wodginite, and microlite.
  6. When the International Mineralogical Association was founded in 1959, paramelaconite was grandfathered as a valid mineral species.
  7. There are only a few thousand mineral species and 83 geochemically stable chemical elements combine to form them.
  8. At L�ngban, where iron and manganese has been mined, 270 mineral species has been reported to date.
  9. "Viluite " is a variety name of grossular, that is not a recognized mineral species.
  10. In the past, this variety has been called leonhardite, though this is not a valid mineral species.
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