microorganism in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ maikrəʊ'ɔ:gəniz(ə)m ] ]
microorganism meaning in Hindi


  1. Genotyping applies to a broad range of individuals, including microorganisms.
  2. Cumaceans feed mainly on microorganisms and organic material from the sediment.
  3. Anaerobic digestion harnesses anaerobic microorganisms to break down the soil improver.
  4. I can't remember the particular microorganism that was responsible.
  5. This mutualistic microorganism lives in the metapleural glands of the ants.
  6. Under ordinary circumstances meat of any sort continues virtually no microorganisms.
  7. This is done by microorganisms on the nodules of the roots.
  8. She researches how plants defend themselves from disease-causing microorganisms.
  9. The larvae feed on microorganisms on the bottom of their watery home.
  10. They disperse microorganisms that attach themselves to plant roots to promote growth.
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