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  1. The NI 43-101 covers metalliferous, precious metals and solid energy commodities as well as bulk minerals, dimension stone, precious stones and mineral sands commodities.
  2. The ericoid mycorrhizal fungi associated with " Calluna ", " Erica " and " Vaccinium " can grow in metalliferous soils containing copper.
  3. According to a less accepted story, a man known as " Metalliferous " Murphy, an grindstone made of sandstone from the Silver Reef area by miners in Pioche.
  4. Part of them are covered with meadows and pastures . This region is not rich in mineral resources of industrial importance but there are several non-metalliferous minerals of local importance.
  5. Metalliferous mineral occurrences are grouped into four broad categories : tin-tungsten-molybdenum mineralisation, copper-lead-zinc mineralisation, iron mineralisation and placer deposits of tin and gold.
  6. At a much later date he communicated with enlarged experience a second series of " Observations on Metalliferous Deposits, and on Subterranean Temperature " ( reprinted from " Trans.
  7. Industries covered by the Mining and Energy Division include the coal industry, coal ports, the metalliferous mining industry, electric power generation, oil and gas and the small coke industry.
  8. The only other known metalliferous mining claim in all of Kitsap county  the " Elmer Nelson Property "  is on the south flank of Green Mountain, just above Gold Creek.
  9. Of prosecutions by far the greater number were against workmen, numbering in coal and metalliferous mines 953; owners and managers were prosecuted in 72 cases, and convictions obtained in 43 cases.
  10. The school later included Camborne in the title creating the Camborne School Of Metalliferous Mining, and in 1975 the school changed its name to Camborne School of Mines to better describe its academic activities.
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