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  1. Concentrations of non-metalliferous minerals that have been commercially exploited include kaolin clay, feldspar, quartz, beryl and graphite.
  2. Metalliferous mining finally ceased in Cornwall in 1998 with the closure of Pool, the last tin mine to operate in Europe.
  3. It grows in metalliferous mining slag heaps, damp grounds, flat plains, as well as in thick woodlands and mountains.
  4. The Colline Metallifere ( Metalliferous Hills ) line the border in the south with Lazio, and contain the Natural Park of Maremma.
  5. His most important memoirs on the metalliferous deposits of Cornwall and Devon were published in 1843 by the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall.
  6. The metalliferous sector of the mining industry was worth ? million in 2012, making up a very small part of the sector.
  7. Tabular or sheet-like deposits of metalliferous ores often contain areas of enhanced metal content that are larger in one dimension than another.
  8. New Caledonia has its own version of maquis ( " maquis minier " ) occurring on metalliferous soils, mostly in the south.
  9. "' Poldice mine "'is a former metalliferous mine located in Poldice Valley in south-west Cornwall, England, United Kingdom.
  10. Electricity was introduced to the mine in the 1890s, and it became the first metalliferous mine in Britain to use electric winding engines and an electric locomotive.
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