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  1. For a description of melanin-related disorders, see melanin, melanosis coli and ocular melanosis.
  2. Such lesions indicate pneumonia, emphysema, hydatidosis, anthracosis, pleurisy, melanosis, and tuberculosis.
  3. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy have been shown to be ineffective in cases of neurocutaneous melanosis where malignancy is present.
  4. The morbid deposition of black matter, often of a malignant character causing pigmented tumors, is called melanosis.
  5. In Caucasians these granules are not expected to influence on the clinically observed degree of smoker's melanosis.
  6. This wide range is most likely due to the large number of asymptomatic, undiagnosed patients with neurocutaneous melanosis.
  7. In one study, 4-hexylresorcinol increased the shelf life of shrimp by reducing melanosis ( black spots ).
  8. Approximately 10 % of patient with neurocutaneous melanosis also present the Dandy Walker syndrome and associated Dandy-Walker malformation.
  9. Neurocutaneous melanosis is associated with the presence of either giant congenital melanocytic nevi or non-giant nevi of the skin.
  10. It is estimated that neurocutaneous melanosis is present in 2 % to 45 % of patients with giant congenital melanocytic nevi.
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