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  1. Had the ball not hit him on the meatiest part of the hand, it might have been worse.
  2. Roast for 15 minutes, then insert a meat thermometer straight in from one end into the meatiest part.
  3. This is the meatiest role she's had in ages, and she makes the most of it.
  4. Hawkwind bassist Lemmy took the meatiest aspects of the band's space metal and formed metal gods Motorhead.
  5. As Eddie, baritone Kim Josephson has one of the meatiest, but oddest, roles in recent opera.
  6. And it gives Dreyfuss his meatiest role ever, one that lets him age and wrinkle, laugh and cry.
  7. The meatiest portion of this year's 93rd annual event came Monday with the major league draft of minor leaguers.
  8. Judd downplays talk of this being her meatiest role to date and how its success could mark a watershed in her career.
  9. She would have played the second female lead role, one of the meatiest roles that she would have ever received in her career.
  10. Rydell probably has the meatiest role of his career in Woody Allen's " Hollywood Ending, " which opens nationwide Friday.
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