meatier in a sentence

meatier meaning in Hindi


  1. "Baby Phat " pays tribute to women who have meatier bodies.
  2. Males may also be neutered in order to make them more tractable or meatier.
  3. Wiseman used the story as a " fun intermission between the meatier chapters ".
  4. Will and others forever pitched meatier stuff at Dole, but he never caught on.
  5. But if you look beneath the bun, there's some meatier stuff here.
  6. Unlike chickens, quail can fly, and a little exercise makes them taste meatier.
  7. They prefer meatier meals in any event, the better to support their massive bodies.
  8. It's certain to appeal to those with heartier summertime appetites for meatier toppings.
  9. But others prefer it to go to meatier parts that are still not lead roles.
  10. Ms . Sarandon ceded the meatier witch role to Cher and took a smaller witch part.
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