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  1. She comes to Walla Walla for the Green Festival and treats Natalie ( her camp guide ) really meanly.
  2. Republicans meanly tried to forbid that as " welfare " because the working poor pay no income tax.
  3. As Samuel Johnson piercingly observed, " Every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier ."
  4. Wilde had brought a ruinous libel suit against the marquis for charging, correctly if meanly, that Wilde was gay.
  5. On grounds of security, France has meanly come to almost close its doors to Algerian refugees threatened with death at home.
  6. Or to cut $ 37 billion over seven years from food stamps _ and to forbid them, meanly, to lawful immigrants.
  7. They write personally, pointedly and meanly, as if a phalanx of idiots and no-goods had betrayed all of humanity .)
  8. Each time, Diarmuid was angry and asked her how she could repay him so meanly when he overlooked her ugliness the first night they met.
  9. He was often meanly suspicious, and life had encouraged him to be ever mindful of his welfare and that of the large family dependent on him.
  10. His talents, were not meanly cultivated by letters; he could tell a good book from a bad one, which few modern librarians can do.
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