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  1. The publicity department did not return telephone requests for comments about Meanies.
  2. Wilson / Equity and Wilson Meany are not capital investors.
  3. Meany chomped cigars; Kirkland chain-smoked cigarettes through a holder.
  4. Meany also appointed an independent monitor to oversee reform of the union.
  5. Dont sufficate their dreams, you big meanies .  Preceding contribs)
  6. He was in The Meanies from their inception until 1995.
  7. Thrash and Meany were the only two Americans to not win medals.
  8. He was considered a successor to AFL-CIO president George Meany.
  9. The developer was Wilson Equity Office ( now Wilson Meany Sullivan ).
  10. After clearing out the Meanies in the asylum, they find Higginbotham.
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