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  1. Alternatively, Stadelmann proposes a huge mastaba at Meidum as Huni's burial.
  2. There is a virtual tour of the mastaba at Beit Khallaf in Middle Egypt.
  3. Ludwig Borchardt discovered Khamerernebty's own mastaba near Niuserre's pyramid complex.
  4. Nefermaat was buried in mastaba 16 at Meidum.
  5. Sabu's mastaba ( C 23 ) in Saqqara is described by Mariette.
  6. His mastaba was discovered in 1933 near the pyramid of Senusret I at Lisht.
  7. The mastaba contains a passageway and a hall.
  8. These men would have been the overseers of the workers crew constructing the mastaba.
  9. It is a mastaba with eight burial shafts.
  10. The tomb of Kaninisut was a mastaba tomb.
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