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  1. While most of the rooms of Mereruka's mastaba tomb were decorated, those which were left bare were simply used for storage.
  2. His mastaba tomb remained hidden from view until it was discovered and excavated by Jacques de Morgan, of the Egyptian Antiquities Service in 1892.
  3. Even after pharaohs began to construct pyramids for their tombs in the 3rd Dynasty, members of the nobility continued to be buried in mastaba tombs.
  4. His vizier, Mereruka, built a mastaba tomb at Saqqara which consisted of 33 richly carved rooms, the biggest known tomb for an Egyptian nobleman.
  5. Although it may share the same resemblance to a mastaba tomb, it is not situated north-south, and it is not rectangular in shape.
  6. Ranefer worked as an overseer for his father ( title :  Overseer of Djed-Sneferu ) and was buried inside a mastaba tomb at Meidum.
  7. The name, written in a cartouche, appears in the inscription on a false door belonging to the mastaba tomb of the high priest 3rd dynasty under king Huni.
  8. Usually found in mastaba tombs, they combined raised-relief artwork with inscriptions bearing the name of the deceased, their official titles ( if any ), and invocations.
  9. When she died some time shortly after the reign of Khafra, Meresankh was buried in an extensively decorated mastaba tomb at Giza along with a rock-cut chapel ( G7530-5440 ).
  10. Egyptologists such as Michael Rice, Francesco Tiradritti and Wolfgang Helck point to the once palatial and well preserved mastaba tombs at Sakkara and Abydos belonging to high officials such as Ruaben and Nefer-Setekh.
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