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  1. This service in Shanghai earned the battalion the title  China Marines and started the practice of using the Chinese dragon in different official and unofficial logos and mast heads.
  2. In the case of a large convoys, one vessel would carry a " Principal Agent " ( Commander or Captain RN ) with a " Blue Broad Pendant " at the main-top-mast head.
  3. This resulted in the fire control top at the mast head being heavily affected by smoke, heat and gasses from the funnel, which had also been a problem in the and " Colossus " classes.
  4. The British convoy mistook the lanterns at mast head of the " Sant�sima Trinidad " for those of their own commander, and fooled by a ruse of war, At daybreak, they found themselves intermingled with the Spanish fleet.
  5. Daily Sound changes its banner and mast head logos in order to appease a " trade-dress " concern brought forth by the Santa Barbara News-Press citing the Daily Sound's look and feel, saying the free tabloid was too similar to the 150-year-old broadsheet daily.
  6. A naval jack, a green flag with a yellow harp, is set out in Defence Forces Regulations and flown from the mast head of ships in addition to the national flag in limited circumstances ( e . g . when a ship is not underway ).
  7. Maintenance of these systems are done by lowering the luminaire ring from the mast head to the base using a winch and motor to the ground or at a height accessible by a cherry picker and located in areas to allow for easier access without disrupting traffic.
  8. As Chicago entered the 1920s nadir of American race relations, " The Lone Scout " announced that they would no longer accept applications " from members of the negro race " and in 1922, the mast head of " The Lone Scout " changed from " A Real Boys Magazine " to " The White Boys'Magazine ."
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