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  1. A low-power DME can be collocated with an ILS glide slope antenna installation where it provides an accurate distance to touchdown function, similar to that otherwise provided by ILS marker beacons.
  2. Some countries, such as Canada, have abandoned marker beacons completely, replacing the outer marker with a non-directional beacon ( NDB ); and, more recently, with GPS fixes.
  3. The EBL 1 operated between 30 and 33 MHz and received the azimuth signals from a transmitter at the far end of the runway, The EBL 2 operated at 38 MHz and received the two marker beacons as the aircraft approached the threshold to land.
  4. Apparently only the certainly expedient change of pilot and, consequently, instruments took place, which admittedly resulted in accurately flown turns and courses but still did not rely on the marker beacon emissions which were essential for an ILS in view of the atmospheric disturbances.
  5. A "'marker beacon "'is a particular type of VHF radio beacon used in aviation, usually in conjunction with an instrument landing system ( ILS ), to give pilots a means to determine position along an established route to a destination such as a runway.
  6. According to " Article 1.107 " of the International Telecommunication Union�s ( ITU ) ITU Radio Regulations ( RR ) a marker beacon is defined as " A transmitter in the aeronautical radionavigation service which radiates vertically a distinctive pattern for providing position information to aircraft ".
  7. Two small marker beacons were also used : one 300 m off the end of runway, the " HEZ " ( Haupteinflugzeichen ), and another 3 km away, the " VEZ " ( Voreinflugzeichen ), both were broadcast on 38 MHz and modulated at 1700 and 700 Hz, respectively.
  8. Just after 8 : 21 am ARTC cleared the flight to the San Francisco Instrument Landing System ( ILS ) Outer Marker beacon via the Half Moon Bay Fan Marker direct to the San Francisco Outer Marker, with instructions to maintain at least above all clouds and to contact San Francisco Approach Control after passing the Half Moon Bay Fan Marker.
  9. Gorrell appeared before hearings of the Copeland Committee on airline safety in February 1936 and his pledge of immediate improvement in safety began to be fulfilled when on December 31, 1936, he announced that the Bureau of Air Commerce had allocated ten million dollars of its appropriations to finance a system of radio marker beacon stations along scheduled airline routes.
  10. This included a formulation which gave the impression that DMR was not in use; a closed " Torget " marker beacon was still on the maps; a vertical flight plan from Lekan was not included; the height limitations in the accident area were noted through comments rather than through a graphical presentation; and confusion as to when the timing of final approach should start.
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