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  1. Such customer service is particularly important as Manganese Bronze tries to defend its share of the small market for taxicabs against Metrocab, a subsidiary of Laird Group Plc.
  2. A few weeks later, the other, Manganese Bronze Holdings, reported an interim pre-tax loss that it attributed largely to problems at its London Taxis International subsidiary, which makes the TX1.
  3. The sale will leave TVR Engineering Ltd ., which makes TVR sports cars, and Manganese Bronze Holdings Plc, which makes London's black taxis, as Britain's foremost domestically owned car companies.
  4. If that sounds like an implausible number, consider that Borwick of Manganese Bronze traverses 27 streets, five of which change their name twice, on a 20-minute journey from home to office.
  5. Manganese Bronze, the now troubled maker of London taxis was thrown into further turmoil after it announced plans to recall 400 black cabs and suspend sales, following discovery of a steering fault.
  6. A government-organised rescue operation in 1973 led to the takeover of remaining operations by what is now Manganese Bronze Holdings, then owners of Norton-Villiers, and over the following decade further closures and dispersals.
  7. Emgrand vehicles were intended to be distributed in the UK by Manganese Bronze Holdings ( which Geely owns ), trading under the name Geely Auto UK . The launch was subsequently put on hold.
  8. Manganese Bronze, meanwhile, has gone from a 1991 pretax loss of 900, 000 pounds in the recession to a pretax profit of 4.2 million pounds in 1995 by cutting costs and selling more cabs.
  9. The engines were in a central engine room without separation bulkheads with common starting and work platforms between and drove two manganese bronze four bladed propellers, turning outboard going ahead, with diameter and pitch.
  10. It's confusing with all the exotic stuff out there from near-unobtainium titanium to manganese bronze, from steel to graphite to bronze aluminum ( which Gary Player claims is 400 degrees softer than steel ).
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