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  1. Cochran murmured as he resumed his argument about the Mack truck.
  2. Instead, Clinton sent White House Counselor " Mack"
  3. In fact, White House Counsel Thomas " Mack"
  4. Rod Mack _ 4 _ 4 _ 8.0 _ 0
  5. Not surprisingly, Connie Mack of Florida apologized for his excesses.
  6. Mack is the biggest seller, according to the Washington Service.
  7. Florida Sen . Connie Mack is also expected to endorse Dole.
  8. And I'm keeping my John Mack tapes for posterity.
  9. Mack blends his conservative votes with a nice-guy image.
  10. The meeting became so heated that Mack began to walk out.
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