look sharp in a sentence

look sharp meaning in Hindi


  1. "You look sharp in the towel, Dad, " the teenager said.
  2. The icy blue eyes suddenly look sharp enough to pierce glass.
  3. But the boys look sharp and they are prepared for Sunday,
  4. A dress shirt still looks sharp under a sport coat, even without a tie.
  5. "Her clothing looks sharp but comfortable, " says Marla Massman.
  6. But its leaders need to look sharp to continue to keep them at bay.
  7. "It's jelling, everyone looks sharp, " defender Richard Goulooze said.
  8. The cover art parodies the sleeve of fellow power-popper " Look Sharp ! ".
  9. "They didn't look sharp at all, " said Sherman Douglas.
  10. They didn't look sharp after three periods and trailed, 69-65.
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