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  1. She went on to write a collection of short stories : " In der Abgeschiedenheit des Schlafs " ( In the Lonesomeness of Sleep ).
  2. Because modern humans are alienated from each other and from nature, we seek refuge from our lonesomeness in romantic love and marriage ( pp . 79 81 ).
  3. For much of his life Park struggled with poverty and lonesomeness but during the 1980s, he was posthumously awarded the Eun-gwan ( silver crown ) of Order of Culture Merit.
  4. Technique-wise, Sjumandjaja used the camera to emphasise the narrative . " Bajangan ", his first work, used long shots to show the main character's lonesomeness.
  5. Conversely, a poor diet, polluted air, stress, lonesomeness, and boredom / lazyness are condusive to an early grave . talk ) 14 : 01, 24 April 2012 ( UTC)
  6. -Portraits ( Reprise Archives ) shows in three CDs how Emmylou Harris picked up the mantle of fallen country-rock comrade Gram Parsons and helped create a style that was way out of bounds for Nashville but undeniably country, full of the lonesomeness of the Appalachian hills and the stark moonlight of the prairies.
  7. In the early 1930s, back in the States again, Hartley took to painting in Dogtown, a stark, isolated area of glacial rocks in the hills behind the fishing port of Gloucester, Mass . Responding to what he called the " lost lonesomeness " of the place, Hartley viewed it as a haunt of nature's sublimity.
  8. This essay covers subjects including  the difficulty of empathy,   the importance of being well adjusted,  and  the essential lonesomeness of adult life .  Additionally, Wallace s speech suggests that the overall purpose of higher education is to be able to consciously choose how to perceive others, think about meaning, and act appropriately in everyday life.
  9. His falsetto keens like the long-gone sound of a train whistle on his fine original " Pretty Girls Don't Cry, " capturing not only the lonesomeness of lost love but the scary disquiet of a rejected lover who can't let go : " I tried, but I can't find words to say / I know you've heard it all before / I'm watching you . " ( Reprise ).
  10. Tashtego and the rest of the crew are furious; Stubb chides him " officially " and " unofficially, " even raising the specter of slavery : " a whale would sell for thirty times what you would, Pip, in Alabama . " The next time a whale is sighted, Pip again jumps overboard and is left stranded in the " awful lonesomeness " of the sea while Stubb's and the others'boats are dragged along by their harpooned whales.
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