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  1. As an example, load balancing is a common process management function.
  2. Load balancing and failover systems are often employed to scale the server implementation.
  3. ARR's functionality can be described as a UAG and dedicated load balancing solutions.
  4. Load balancing and caching can be used to improve performance on high traffic sites.
  5. Dynamic load balancing is also needed to maintain performance scaling.
  6. A load balancing solution will distribute client connections to each of the terminal servers.
  7. This can enable testing of new software applications or testing of request load balancing.
  8. One load balancing function is picking a process to move.
  9. Cloud load balancing addresses issues relating to TTL reliancy present during DNS load balancing.
  10. The general term for this sort of thing, by the way, is Load balancing.
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