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  1. Cosmo starts rethinking his new career, too, but only after falling for lissome yoga instructor Jasmine ( " Father of the Bride's"
  2. Ernest Ranglin _ The storied Jamaican session guitarist emerges with a lissome instrumental collection of fine reggae tunes by Toots Hibbert and Augustus Pablo along with jazzy originals.
  3. But he's an old man who moves with the lissome nature of a dancer and the strength of his belief in the power of the mime.
  4. And yes, for the briefest of moments, the tall, lissome actress does stand naked, her back to the audience, as her partner dresses her.
  5. Alissa Simon writing for Variety said that " " The Slut " refrains from supplying audiences with an emotional hook; lissome cipher Tamar is all id.
  6. "My masseuse comes at 8, " sighs a lissome Lise Maddux, dressed in a cool summer dress, her dark hair resting on her shoulders.
  7. The tone for his own collection was set when lissome Carla Bruni ambled out in a silvery, satiny sheath under a big blond messy coif and silver fox wrap.
  8. They are impressed by her lissome charm, plus the way she lights up parts of her breasts which, in some jurisdictions, are required by statute to be covered.
  9. Now it's the cover of VF she decorates _ a mere three months after being only one of nearly a dozen lissome lovelies on the cover of its Hollywood issue.
  10. "Like a present, " said Tracy, an over-40, lissome former dancer, who was born in Oak Ridge and raised in Knoxville, Tenn.
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