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  1. Under his keen baton, the academy plays in typically polished fashion, its strings lissome, winds pellucid and brass glinting.
  2. In this version the part belongs to Stuart Townsend, a lissome, faintly androgynous young man and not an obvious choice.
  3. Rich women draped with mink idling in the air-conditioned chill of the Eden Roc Hotel while lissome bodies bake on the beach.
  4. Lord Alfred was a man of lissome, androgynous beauty and, though a narcissistic tantrum thrower, charming when he wanted to be.
  5. "Dip me again ! " begs a lithe apprentice, bent like a birch at the hands of a lissome lad.
  6. In the clip, a lissome Pocahontas sang about the beauty of America to a dashing John Smith who is clearly smitten with her.
  7. Most outfits-for both men and women-were designed by a lissome former model and London fashion student from Bangladesh, Bibi Russell.
  8. The lissome, laughing princess who boosted British tourism and fashion during her lifetime has spawned an industry of her own : Diana-bilia.
  9. And Iowa still chooses a lissome young thing every year to wear a crown and a pigskin sash that identifies her as the Iowa Pork Queen.
  10. Naomi Judd, who co-produced the miniseries from her autobiography, is played by Cari Shayne as a teenager and later by the lissome Kathleen York.
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