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  1. Combined with 12 bits of " offset within page " from the linear address, a maximum of 52 bits are available to address physical memory.
  2. In principle the database storage can be viewed as a linear address space, where every bit of data has its unique address in this address space.
  3. Both Win95 and WinNT could run 32-bit applications, and could exploit the abilities of the Intel 80386 CPU, as the linear address memory space.
  4. Because of the way the segment address and offset are added, a single linear address can be mapped to up to 4096 distinct segment : offset pairs.
  5. IA-32 segments are subdivisions of the computer's " linear address space ", the virtual address space provided by the paging hardware.
  6. The application can use the Bounds Directory ( BD ) of several Bounds Tables ( BT ), which contain the linear address pointer of a buffer, along with its bounds.
  7. On the 8088, these address accesses were wrapped around to the beginning of the address space such that 65535 : 16 would access address 0 and 65533 : 1000 would access address 952 of the linear address space.
  8. Once the BIOS has found a bootable device it loads the boot sector to linear address 7C00h ( usually offset 0000h : 7C00h, but some BIOSes erroneously use 07C0h : 0000h ) and transfers execution to the boot code.
  9. The address offset can then be added to this number . 0Ch : 0Fh ( 12 : 15 ) would be C0h + 0Fh = CFh ( 192 + 15 = 207 ), CFh ( 207 ) being the linear address.
  10. For instance, the segmented address 06EFh : 1234h ( here the suffix " h " means hexadecimal ) has a segment selector of 06EFh, representing a segment address of 06EF0h, to which we add the offset, yielding the linear address 06EF0h + 1234h = 08124h.
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