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  1. This lineament is known as " Archibarca lineament ".
  2. This lineament is known as " Archibarca lineament ".
  3. The volcano was formed on top of the Calama Olacapato El Toro lineament.
  4. This unit appears to be sets of subparallel lineaments of fractures or grabens.
  5. The volcanic range is long and may have originated from deep seated basement lineaments.
  6. This fault correlates well with a 30 km long lineament seen on satellite images.
  7. Other features include grabens, troughs and lineaments.
  8. On its western margin, it borders a lineament that cuts through the cones.
  9. It formed along the Lipez geological lineament about 6.6 million years ago.
  10. Two major regional lineaments have influenced Choquelimpie volcanism.
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