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  1. The versatility of LINAC is a potential advantage over cobalt therapy as a treatment tool.
  2. In a linac, the target is simply fitted to the end of the accelerator.
  3. But the linac was nearly finished.
  4. The company expects to begin using the linac to make the radioactive chemicals starting in June.
  5. All of these movements in the modern linac occur around an axis that runs through the isocenter.
  6. Proton emitters can be produced via nuclear reactions, usually utilizing linear particle accelerators ( linac ).
  7. The preferred option is to build a new 800 MeV superconducting linac to inject to the Booster ring.
  8. In parallel to these developments, a similar approach was designed for a linear particle accelerator or Linac.
  9. A Linac therefore can generate x-rays of any energy, though usually 6 MV photons are used.
  10. The new laboratories, including two storage rings and a full-energy linac, will be built here.
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