lightheaded in a sentence

pronunciation: [ [ 'lait'hedid ] ]
lightheaded meaning in Hindi


  1. I just felt lightheaded, like everything was closing in on me.
  2. Her latest novel " Lightheaded " was published in 2010.
  3. "If she feels lightheaded, she'll have to stop.
  4. Memphis coach Hubie Brown felt lightheaded in the fourth quarter and nearly collapsed.
  5. I was a little lightheaded for a moment.
  6. He was not wafer-thin but compensated for it by being extremely lightheaded.
  7. Would you normally get out of bed if you're sick or lightheaded?
  8. Then I got out there the day of game in preparation and feeling lightheaded.
  9. The low-calorie diet has me lightheaded.
  10. "He was still feeling lightheaded ( before Wednesday night's game ).
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