lightenings in a sentence

lightenings meaning in Hindi


  1. Weed green rods of lightening burst out of the sky ".
  2. The Web site opens with a spectacular photo of a lightening strike.
  3. His wrists explode with lightening quickness in a short and compact swing.
  4. It's too often dead-serious and needs lightening up.
  5. I've served as a lightening rod ."
  6. In other words, Hastert is not a lightening rod like Gingrich.
  7. But Coelho has also been something of a lightening rod for criticism.
  8. There are signs we're lightening up, however.
  9. It's about lightening up, interpersonally, in uptight times.
  10. The Raiders plan on lightening Greg Biekert's workload this season.
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