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  1. The territory of Nunavut introduced the first flat licence plate in Canada in 2012 2013.
  2. Eight types of licence plates are used in Pakistan.
  3. On the licence plate, there is a number which can go up to 4 digits.
  4. Do we have any guidelines here for whether licence plate numbers can appear in images?
  5. In 1996 the province of Ontario issued an optional " Star Trek " licence plate.
  6. In the 1970s, the licence plates, reasoning that it was an ethnic slur and hateful.
  7. The first licence plates in North America appeared in 1903 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  8. Thus, someone familiar with the sequence can determine roughly when the licence plate was issued.
  9. There are several, aren't there : licence plate / sports / Internet address / whatever.
  10. The world-famous Polar Bear licence plate was also unveiled.
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