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  1. Novelty licence plates are usually installed by motorists or automobile dealerships.
  2. Croatia's Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed new licence plates with the EU stars.
  3. The Black Nobility's perks, such as Vatican City licence plates, were also withdrawn.
  4. The world record for the most expensive licence plate is US $ 14 million.
  5. The licence plate " 1 " was bought at an auction in Abu Dhabi.
  6. Some autonomous regions are not required to have the flag on the licence plates.
  7. The rear licence plate is state supplied, while the front plate is owner supplied.
  8. Each Mexican state issues licence plates of a different design.
  9. It cited exact licence plate numbers it said it obtained from Croatian border police.
  10. Typically, the registration number is embossed or, more rarely, impressed onto the licence plate.
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